Keeping plants alive is hard. Finding the time to water your plants, remembering to water them, and keeping them alive are all challenges that most people face. The Thirsty Plant Planter will water your plants for you while you’re away! It’s a simple solution to a common problem.

The Thirsty Plant is a company that is dedicated to helping you water your plants.

No more watering every day (or weeks!) to keep your beloved potted fellows happy. It'll even give them enough water to last up to 14 days. It's the perfect solution for anyone who spends time away from home or struggles to water plants because of their infrequent watering schedules.

Ideal for self-determined indoor gardeners with always-sunny dispositions and those lacking horticultural skills, it includes everything they might want - JUST PLACE YOUR PLANT AND FILL THE CLEAR BASE WITH WATER.

our inspiration

The Thirsty Plant was inspired by the founder, who is a frequent traveler and couldn't keep his plants alive for the life of him. He wanted to find a way to keep his plants healthy while he was away, or just plain forgot with everything else going on in life. And then he found a solution with the The Thirsty Plant Planter!
We all know that there are lots of different ways to water your plants but none of them are perfect. Some people use timers and others leave their plant sit in a bowl of water for hours at a time.
The Thirsty Plant Planter allows you to forget about watering your plants for days on end, and still keep them alive and thriving! It’s easy to use, affordable, and doesn’t require any special equipment or know-how.